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New Patch 1.2 : The 1.2 patch for Virtual Skipper 3 is now available to download here or can be downloaded by clicking on "check for updates" when launching VSK3. New features include improved ISAF rules, team racing as well as many other features!
Download 1.2 patch here
  The Game

Sailing has never been for the fainthearted. However, with this latest version of Virtual Skipper, it doesn't matter if you are an inexperienced or skilful navigator, you are joyfully transported from the colourful horizons of Sydney, to the choppy English Channel around the Isle of Wight... the worldwide waterways have never looked so good.

Once again you can sail with the racing boats that made Virtual Skipper 2 a success, you have access to more detailed navigation sites, exceptional nautical conditions, and more accurate racing rules... all you need for exciting regattas! Boats and crew will show a realistic behaviour with accelerations, tacking, gibing, overturning and even more. Groundbreaking sea physics replicate the ebb and flow of the open seas, with impressive weather effects completing the impressive package.

The rules of sailing for beginners and tactics for experts are up to date, with a series of challenges to pass in order to progress through the game. In addition, study the winds and the streams before the start or alternatively analyse races thanks to the "replay" movie feature.

A course editor allows users to design their own waterways should the many featured within the game become too easy. These new courses can be shared with the community of virtual skippers in order to extend the challenge even further. Yachts can be fully customised, too; as any real skipper will know - it's not just winning that matters, it's looking good doing it.


  • Choose from six accurately-modelled water stretches, including; San Francisco Bay, USA; La Trinite sur Mer, France; Porto Cervo, Italy; Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; and the Isle of Wight in the UK
  • Easy-to-use navigation interface
  • Superior graphics engine portrays yachting like never before
  • Multi-player mode includes online regattas, easy transfer of customised water stretches, team races, the chance to chat inside the waiting room during the regatta, plus the option to have a real player as judge
  • Single-player mode allows unlimited match (one-on-one) and fleet (up to eight opponents) races
  • Realistic sailing conditions, including: stream movements according to the time of day and accurate sea behaviour
  • Incredible representation of the sea, including; water transparency showing the sea bed, foam against the rocks and the display of puff and slack on the water surface
  • An improved version of the International Racing Federation racing rules
  • Opportunity to fly over each site prior to the race and discover the course
  • Make an analysis of your performance using the replay video



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